Performances, Sound Baths & Guided Meditation

Add an original music performance, creative genius workshop, meditative sound bath, or guided cacao ceremony rooted deeply in the Mayan Keqchikel tradition to your next retreat, gathering, concert, or festival! I offer live medicine music, voice and music workshops, sound baths, guided meditations, and deep, exploratory cacao ceremonies for groups of all sizes to create a space of introspection, self-discovery, and healing, with music as the medicine. Subject, theme, intentions and length can be customized for your event.
To learn more or inquire about rates and availability, schedule a complimentary call, email me, or message me on Facebook or Instagram.
For more information on my 80's tribute band, The Breakfast Club, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or visit our website.

Multidimensional Voice & Music Coaching for Adults & Children

 For those who have a deep desire to activate and open their voices and musical abilities, I offer energetic voice and music lessons, songwriting coaching and music production training for speakers, singers and medicine musicians of all levels (no previous training necessary!). Sound, vibration, and especially our voices, are an energetic force in the world that can be used to heal and inspire ourselves and our communities. My personalized, intuitive teaching style is tailored specifically for your musical goals, whether they are singing for personal pleasure, or creating music to heal the world. Sessions can include voice and instrument technique, stylistic coaching, songwriting, music theory, ear training, intuitive development, energy and sound healing, and recording and/or live audio production training, so that you are fully prepared to share your gifts with any audience or client. In-person and video sessions are available. Book your FREE consultation with me HERE.

Original Songs & Guided Meditation Music

If you are creating videos, guided meditations or other media, I compose and record original music customized for your product and intentions. We will begin by meeting in-person or via video chat to establish a rapport, and as I build the sonic foundation for your works, you will get samples and drafts throughout the creation process. When complete, you will receive a high-quality stereo recording in multiple formats, as well as the stems and files from the sessions to use in final mixing and mastering on your end. To learn more, contact me.
To hear samples of my atmospheric music, check out my guided meditations on YouTube.
To listen to my original music and medicine songs, stream my music on all platforms.

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