Guided Meditation Music: 

Create your own guided meditations with music customized for your energetic signature and intentions. We will begin by meeting in-person or via video chat to establish intention, and as I build the sonic foundation for your words, you will get samples and drafts throughout the creation process. We will complete the project either with my sending you just the music for you to add your voice to, or, if you send me a high-quality recording of your meditation, I will create a full mix with your recorded voice while I am mixing and mastering the music.

Energetic Voice Coaching:

 Connect to and claim the power of your unique voice!  Together we explore vocal pedagogy and energy work to help you develop a deeper connection to your beautiful, natural voice. Each session lasts approximately one hour and includes technical instruction, stylistic coaching and energy work. In-person and video call available.

Music Lessons for Children:

 An exploratory approach to music that emphasizes exposure to a variety of genres, instruments and styles. Singing instruction focuses on developing the natural ability and tone of the student through relaxation, breathing and movement. In-person only.

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