Live Audio Production

With 15 years experience in front-of-house and monitor mixing, deck audio/A2 work, RF coordination and live webcasting, in a variety of settings from theater to corporate, I have the knowledge AND the intuition to guarantee the smoothest possible audio experience for your live or streamed production. I work well both as a lead and as a member of a larger team, and always with a focus on the end result for the client, and collaboration between departments to produce the highest quality live production possible. Contact me for day and hourly rates.

Recording Editing and Mixing

 In partnership with ArtHaven Studios and JakubuDrum Studios I offer recording, editing and mixing services for local Las Vegas musicians, at very reasonable rates to increase accessibility. Whether you are looking for a place to lay down a few quick tracks to incorporate into a larger project, or a home studio with professional-grade microphones, isolation booths and instruments, I treat your recording project with the same attention and dedication I give to my own music and to my work in live audio. Contact me for day and hourly rates.

Original Music

 If you are creating videos, guided meditations or other media, I compose and record original music customized for your product and intentions. We will begin by meeting in-person or via video chat to establish a rapport, and as I build the sonic foundation for your works, you will get samples and drafts throughout the creation process. When complete, you will receive a high-quality stereo recording in multiple formats, as well as the stems and files from the sessions to use in final mixing and mastering on your end. To learn more, email me or private message me on Facebook.

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