18CBC085-26CF-4504-A11B-914B75B67B75Colleen McMillian is a musician and creative medicine woman, and the owner of Texas Pine Music (BMI). Colleen performs her medicine music in a variety of settings, from healing circles to music venues, using the music as a channel for the healing energy she brings to the world. She began using music to heal others after realizing that it was the primary means through which she healed her own traumatic experiences. During her performances, attendees are invited to explore the ways in which they can find healing through connecting to their inner child and the playfulness of their unique creative voice. These musical empowerment ceremonies remind each person of their individual power to heal themselves and inspire others, creating a ripple effect of creative fulfillment and healing throughout the world.

Her music can be found on BandCamp and SoundCloud, and a limited number of songs can be streamed on Spotify!


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