Creative Healing

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Creative Healing: The energetic trails of abuse and trauma can be deep and long lasting, but we don’t have to live in its shadow forever. Through a series of deep creative processes, we will work together to release and heal your deepest wounds so that you can truly move on, find your voice through creative play, and create a life of deep and lasting peace for yourself and your loved ones.

Energetic Sound Healing: Experience the power of deep energetic healing through Reiki, singing, sound healing and aromatherapy. Our sessions facilitate release of the stories and habits that no longer serve you, and together we create and hold space to move you toward your highest potential. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours and includes time before and after for intention setting and integration. In-person and distance sessions available.

Energetic Voice Coaching: Connect to and claim the power of your unique voice!  Together we explore vocal pedagogy and energy work to help you develop a deeper connection to your beautiful, natural voice. Each session lasts approximately one hour and includes technical instruction, stylistic coaching and energy work. In-person and video call available.

Music Lessons for Children: An exploratory approach to music that emphasizes exposure to a variety of genres, instruments and styles. Singing instruction focuses on developing the natural ability and tone of the student through relaxation, breathing and movement. In-person only.

Sound Ascension Sessions: Experience a ceremonial journey of introspection, self-discovery, and healing, with music as the medicine. In these private sessions, I work with fellow Reiki Master, Eric Cavell Brown (Ascension Energy Healing), performing our own unique style of Reiki that we call “Sound Ascension.” We combine Reiki, sound healing, intuitive healing, and shamanic healing modalities, accessing the frequencies of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in order to harmonize them with that of a higher vibration. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes, and includes an Intuitive Energy Reading, Rune Reading, or Tarot Reading, as well as time afterwards for integration.

Group Sound Healing and Guided Meditations: Bring a little extra peace and harmony to your next gathering or retreat! I offer creative healing, group reiki, sound healing and live, guided meditations for gatherings up to 10 people. For larger groups, I work together with my dear friend and fellow Reiki Master, Eric Cavell Brown to create a space of introspection, self-discovery, and healing, with music as the medicine. Time can be customized for your event.

I was a guest on the Conscious Awakening podcast with Rosemary Fajardo! Check out the interview below, and subscribe to her channel for more interviews with amazing lightworkers and artists.

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